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How I Got Here - A Personal Note from Michael Sattler

For my colleagues and collaborators now and in the past - a quick update.

As many of you know, I'm an idea hound. I've worked in big companies and small ones, started my own and consulted for others. My specialty has been in using technologies to support business and human operations, and I've done that for internet hosting, payments, social services, and many other fields over the past twenty-five years.

Sometimes I find an idea (or dream one up) that I find so compelling that I live, eat, and think about it all day long. This happened to me a few years ago with Social Determinants of Health (for those of you unfamiliar with the term here's a primer). As a concept, a market, an industry, and a social movement, SDOH strikes me as simultaneously vitally important for our society and a green field for technology and business solutions.

In 2018 I was honored to join Activate Care - one of the country's most respected SDOH platforms - as their VP/Operations, where I (along with a fantastic team of committed people) helped create their overall solution at the product, implementation, and technology level. Together we designed and built systems to help communities collaborate around SDOH, and it has been both educational and rewarding.

As important as that relationship has been, I think there's much more to say and do in this space, so I've hung out a shingle to join the conversation independently. Advocate Advisors will be a place for myself and other experienced voices in the community to share our knowledge about SDOH interventions and collaborations, and how to build the systems that make them possible. I look forward to this new chapter and invite you to join me.

- Michael Sattler

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